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  • Joan Schleh

Welcome winter

Winter is a time of quiet and rejuvenation here on the farm. The goats are dried off and pregnant, and while we miss their beautiful milk, not having to make that twice daily trek to a cold milking parlor, is rather nice. The garden is mute and no longer demands my constant attention, and chores are done in minutes, not hours. The cows are hunkered down in their winter coats that their breeding has designed for them to withstand even the harshest of weather, and the goats are cozy in their barns, living a life of doing not much else other than munching on hay. The Schleh family gets to turn our attention to projects around the home, and formulate plans for summer. We are thankful that we have this time to do so. My house is warm and soup is on the stove. Time to breathe. Time to think. Time to recharge. Spring is around the corner and the season of "too much" will be at hand. But not yet. Not now.

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