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Please contact us if interested in reserving kids from a particular doe.  This is our breeding list for spring 2024. 



GardenHome Trillium

(GardenHome *B PrincePhoenix x GardenHome Tiara 9*M) 



GardenHome Moderna

(Vineyard View On Tap*B X GardenHome Freya



CH GardenHome Pfiz

(Vineyard View On Tap*B X GardenHome Freya)


GardenHome Lights Out!

(Vineyard View On Tap *B X GardenHome Fancy)


Prices: doe kids- $400; out of finished champions-$500

             buck kids- $400; out of finished champions- $500

             wethers - $100

- All kids will be registered and tattooed except for wethers. All will be disbudded (unless specified as not desired) and if wethers, banded, as part of price.

- $100 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a registerable kid. $50 deposit to reserve a wether. 

-If no kid is born that meets your required gender out of your first and second choice, or if there is some form of deformity or disqualification, then the deposit will be refunded. 

- Kids will be sold on the bottle after having been given colostrum.

- If reserved, kids need to be picked up no later than two weeks of age.

- Goats are social animals, so we recommend that every baby goat have another near its age. 

- Intact male kids should not be raised with doe kids past four weeks of age.

- We are prepared to help you adjust to new goat ownership and want you to feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your goats. 



Tempo Passa Entranced


 Tempo Passa Entranced


Tempo Passa Entranced

Tempo Passa Entranced


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