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Our farm would not be able to run without our two English Shepherds, Atlas and Ava. Brave, resourceful, companionable, energetic, calm, are all characteristics of our dogs, typical to their breed.  Loyal to their owners but friendly toward visitors (after an initial alert barking) this is really a breed that deserves more recognition.

Meet Atlas

Meet Ava

Atlas is a large tri colored male. He is a perfect contrast to Ava as he is much more serious and likes to do a job, but is very friendly with everyone. Atlas is a local boy from Glimmercroft. We chose Atlas for his herding lines and his more serious and calm temperament.  He is a real thinker when it comes to herding our wily herd of goats and on his first cow herding encounter he never backed down from even our mature Scottish Highlander’s horns turned his way. 



"PR" Glimmercroft Atlas

UKC # A764,324

Sire: Glimmercroft Tanner- sable white

sire's sire: Woods' Connor- sable white

sire's dam: Wood's Ciara- sable white

Dam: Glimmercroft Riley- tri-color

dam's sire- Glimmercroft Tanner- sable white

dam's dam- Z-Best Haylie- tri-color

Ava is a gorgeous dark sable with an outgoing personality and is very playful. She loves everyone that she meets, and always has a smile on her face. Ava comes to us from Michigan from Stony Creek Farm. We chose Ava for her outgoing personality and her confident high energy to do the many farm tasks we ask.  Of course, once the work is over and we are all inside she just wants to be at our feet all relaxed.



Stony Creek"s LL Ava

UKC # P523-547 DNA VIP


Sire: Stony Creek's Xanto Me Luv- tri-color

sire's sire: Ross' Col. Barnaby Ross- sable-white

sire's dam: Stony Creek's Summer Luvin- sable

Dam: U Ring Me Irish Bella- sable white

dam's sire: Stony Creek's Irish Hurricane Ripley-sable white

dam's dam:  CH Stony Creek's Kiss Me Kate- sable-white

Check out our English Shepherd Dogs page to learn more about the roles Ava and Atlas play on our farm and what goes into training English Shepherds. 

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