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At GardenHome Farm we like to put great care into our animals and have thus conducted attentive research to uphold the most humane practices. The following page serves as a resource portal for everything concerning goats, cows and dogs. 

Herd Health

Herd Health is very important to us here on the farm. With so many animals we take very seriously their health and happiness.  We have what could be described as a holistic viewpoint of animal health.  We believe in a natural and holistic...


So You Think You Want a Puppy?

Puppies are a blank slate within the parameters of their breed.  They don't arrive already knowing where to potty, how to walk on a leash, how to sleep on their own, or the command for "come".  They look to you...


Grass Management for Beef

Our Highland beef is of the highest quality.  Grass raised and finished in the lush grass of the Skagit River Valley we think of the end product beginning at the beginning- in our soil.  The Skagit River drains...


Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef

New scientific studies show that Highland beef is more tender than other standard breeds. HIghland Beef is also high in omega 3s (good fat) that actually helps your heart...


English Shepherd Dogs

Brave, resourceful, companionable, energetic, calm, are all characteristics of our dogs, typical to the English Shepherd breed. Loyal to their owners but friendly toward visitors (after an initial alert barking) this is really a breed that deserves more recognition.

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