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Here's to a new year!

What a wonderful year 2022 was and we are so happy looking forward to what 2023 will bring. Beef will be very limited this year as we did some downsizing last year. Same thing for goats. Get on our reservation list soon as it is filling up!

All the goats and cows are bred and new babies will start arriving in April. But for now, all is quiet on the farm. I truly feel like January is my favorite month. I love how long it feels after the holiday frenzy- it seems to just stretch on forever. The temper tantrums of the Pacific Ocean that results in one atmospheric river after another, seems to take a break and mild weather allows me to reconnect with my garden, moving things around and creating new garden beds for me to play in all summer. Much needed home and farm projects finally get attention- this might finally be the year we get our master bathroom shower installed, but no promises. The list seems impossibly long, but the voices crying out from the farm, "me first!" are quieter and a time of organizing, fixing, creating, planning, and making sense out of our crazy lives is upon us. Short days means lots of long quiet evenings in front of the fire. It is a time of renewal and rejuvenation. It's a time to count our blessings and fall in love with our farm and garden all over again.

Enjoy our website and let us know if you want to get on our beef list or you want to reserve a baby goat. Thank you!

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