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  • Joan Schleh

What a beautiful time.

It's the season to reflect back on the year. A season of thanksgiving. We had a close call with flooding this year. Our beautiful Skagit River that provides us this bountiful land and rich soil was wanting it back. Our valley has a history of flooding and so over the years a series of dikes and levees has been developed to protect this valuable farmland. Now it was tested to its full merit. Luckily, our levees held and the river angrily stayed within its confines near us. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case for areas near us. Eastern Skagit County, Whatcom County to the north of us, and our neighbors just over the Canadian border suffered terribly. Watching what they lost made us truly grateful for what we have. Our pastures remain green and dry, the source of abundant food for our cows, and our barns full of goats remained intact. For that we are truly thankful.

Breeding season has come and gone and all our animals are bred, spending the winter pregnant and worrying about nothing more than eating. You can check out our goat breeding list for this spring. We will be retaining very few kids as last year was a big building year for us so we have run out of room for more kids. This means that babies we might have kept back for being extra special will be available for someone else. Check it out!

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