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Spring is here! But so are strange times. The season of new baby goats usually brings a parade of neighbors, friends, and children who visit our farm to partake in bouncing cuteness. Now the farm is quiet except for my immediate family making treks out for regular feedings and milkings. But while we get used to the vocabulary of "social distancing", "Covid-19", and "self isolating", spring has other plans. The trees have exploded in clouds of pink blossoms, the daffodils are taller and somehow more yellow than ever before, with the tulips close behind. Life is bursting forth everywhere and all of nature is rejoicing in it. The first group of baby goats are on the ground and I am reminded how much joy their snuggles give me. No social distancing with them! The cows are also rejoicing in being set out onto green pastures for the first time in several months, and the herd is prancing around as they are reunited once again- mothers back with their now weaned, yearling calves, standing and grooming them like infants. The sun holds warmth and seems to give the dark clouds a run for their money- black, heavy clouds plunging us into dimness, then sudden bright, brilliant sunshine against happy blue sky. Oh, fickle spring.

We have some wonderful breedings we are excited about, and while the goat show season is still uncertain, we are happy to see the direction our herd is going. We still seem to love our GardenHome lines the best. Friendly goats that kid easily and usually only during the day and preferably on sunny days. They produce well and can hold their own in the show ring. We have been building these lines for years, not just to look good, but to work hard here on the farm as well. Kidding ease is a primary requirement. And at this time of year I am so glad we have. Our cows are also easy calvers, rarely needing any hands-on intervention. Looking out our window I see our happy cows grazing on fast growing green grass, with the snow topped mountains as a backdrop, while big puffy, white clouds float by. But another round of baby feeding is upon me and out I go! Stay well. Stay distant. Stay in touch.

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