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Hello Fall!

It seems that we never have a summer post. Around here spring hits with a bang of activity as new babies are being born, the garden jumps alive, and everything cries out for attention. The flurry continues into summer as summer pastures need mowing, cows need moving from one field to another as we practice intensive rotational grazing, the goats are giving gallons and gallons of milk a day which I desperately try to make into cheese when I can, and of course the garden never stops growing. The "garden" part of our name, " GardenHome Farm" is for real and requires as much attention as the farm. While people were quarantined in their home and some complained of boredom, of going stir crazy, or just seeing too much of their family, nothing really changed for us. Our home is our life and with Steve working remotely, we had a full house, With son Ian at the helm, our special COVID quarantine project was the construction of a new beautiful pond and patio sitting area. Sitting next to it and hearing the bubbling water of the fountain was a fresh relief from the heat and dust of the farm. While at times it seems all too much, we also take these beautiful moments in the garden, catching glimpses of our beautiful cows in the green fields, and realize why we do what we do.

But now fall is upon us. And so is breeding season for our goats. So go on over to our goat breeding page and see the wonderful breedings we have planned. As for fall, let it come. Let all things start to slow down, that will result in a much needed rest of winter. And this winter, we look forward to the Christmas season for a special reason as we welcome our first grandchild due in mid-December. We are all so excited!

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Janet Schleh
Janet Schleh
Apr 20, 2021

Had some time at work and thought about your website so I spent some time "playing" on it! I miss the farm, it seems we haven't been there in so long! I love this pond area! It looks just beautiful (and relaxing)!!

[LOL is my name not here?! It's Janet]

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